Subtraction practice


maths software for kids has a great scoring system


maths for kids


Education for Life software has many levels of practice on subtraction as you can see in the image above. Some of the levels give you the option of taking a 20 or 40 question test. The idea of the speed test is to see how many you can get right in 30 minutes. You will notice a couple of levels named master levels. They are very hard if you cant do them dont knock yourself. On the other hand if you can do them, definitely give yourself a pat on the back.


maths watch your child grow with this great scoring system


Learn intersting facts about some of the more well known planets like Mercury and Venus. Did you know how far Neptune was from the Sun?

You can find some great information about the planets by clicking on them. Maybe you would like to give the short quiz a go so you can see how much you know.


children get the chance to see there scores and compare them against others online.

Download Spanish version genio de las matemáticas

What scores does the internets best record?

Multiple-choice multiplication level 1,

30 minute multiplication speed test,

Multiple-choice addition level 1,

Multiplication speed test,

Subtraction speed test,