Multiplication tests


maths software for kids has a great scoring system

maths for kids


Education for Life software has many different levels on multiplication. More than enough for any user wanting the opportunity to practice. Most levels work on a timer.


maths watch your child grow with this great scoring system

You can see from the image above how this particular multiplication question is laid out. The idea on most levels is to score 20 correct answers. If you get 5 wrong the test ends, so you will need to restart. The idea is you concentrate on getting them right, speed will come on it's own.

The image below shows you the standard layout for this type of test. Once the cursor has been placed in the answer box you can just use the "Enter" button to move on to submit and move on to the next question.

children get the chance to see there scores and compare them against others online.

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What scores does the internets best record?

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