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Education for life is a one stop download for all your child’s educational needs. This software contains many resources to help your child practice many different things. They can take maths tests including addition, subtraction, and multiplication. These tests have been designed for a person at a very basic level that just wants or needs practice. The tests are timed and they can be reset which means they can be taken repeatedly. Each test is scored so you will see how many questions you get right or wrong. Most tests expect you to score 20 correct answers, if you do the tests will just move you up to the next level. I have created a top 10 scoreboard for some of the tests. If you are good enough all users of this software will see your score.


maths watch your child grow with this great scoring system


I have created a multiple-choice section for the addition which is great. Kids love this and find it exciting, it pushes people to their limit. It helps make them faster at figuring out the sum. The multiple-choice addition has 2 levels for you to try.
Some of the addition and subtraction maths tests give you the choice of taking 20 or 40 question tests.

children get the chance to see there scores and compare them against others online.

What scores does the internets best record?

Multiple-choice multiplication level 1,

30 minute multiplication speed test,

Multiple-choice addition level 1,

Multiplication speed test,

Subtraction speed test,

The conversion software is up and coming it converts between many different units. Some examples are Time,
Digital data,

Subtraction scoring system

many subtraction levels included with a great way to keep check on best scores using maths watch

As you can see from the image above sometimes efl software uses happy and sad faces to recored correct and incorrect answers. Othertimes this software uses crosses as you see in the first image. Either way the score is kept on the right hand side.

Space, what a boring world we live in so let’s go and explore some information about other worlds instead. Have you ever wanted to know how far Pluto is from the sun or what Jupiter is made from?

Talking times table chart will keep your child on their feet and they will have no reason not to know their times tables. Simply click on the chart and here the computer speaks. You will find many different levels and activities on addition which will keep children entertained for a long time.

many subtraction levels included with a great way to keep check on best scores using maths watch

Education for life is great math software that comes with a built-in addition chart for your child to use as reference.

Flags of the world, this section of the software will allow you to see what every flag in the world looks like. It will give you information such as average population and language spoken, currency used and the capital.
Timers, you will find several countdown timers included in this software. All timer’s countdown in seconds.