Scoring System


maths software for kids has a great scoring system

maths for kids

A lot of EFL is based on a scoring system. Just look at the image above showing a basic addition test. You will notice on the right hand side the software is keeping score of the test. A lot of your scores but not all will eventually find there way to your personal scoreboard. This scoreboard can only be seen by you unlike the internets best.

maths watch your child grow with this great scoring system

The internets best scores, show scores from the best players on the net. These scores do get reset, the plan is to have them reset every month. This way everyone will get a chance.

children get the chance to see there scores and compare them against others online.

What scores does the internets best record?

Multiple-choice multiplication level 1,

30 minute multiplication speed test,

Multiple-choice addition level 1,

Multiplication speed test,

Subtraction speed test,


Subtraction scoring system

many subtraction levels included with a great way to keep check on best scores using maths watch

As you can see from the image above sometimes efl software uses happy and sad faces to recored correct and incorrect answers. Othertimes this software uses crosses as you see in the first image. Either way the score is kept on the right hand side.

Most tests, games will keep score of your progress using one of the methods mentioned above.