Maths, watch your child grow

Watch your child grow with free Education for Life software. This software was designed to help school children learn at home what they learn in school.

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Maths watch    



maths watch

This software has got some great features including:

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Shapes, Space, Conversion software, Flags, Periodic table, Talking times tables, and much more. You can download this software from the Microsoft store by clicking a Get link image.

The Multiplication section has 15 levels plus 3  bonus levels.

The addition section has 45 20 question levels, 5 40 question levels, plus 4 bonus levels

Subtraction section has 9 20 question levels, 9 40 question levels, plus 3 bonus levels



Education for Life has been designed to give your child the edge, it will give all parents the chance to see their child practice maths. It was designed with quite warm colours in mind. This is because warm colours grab a child's attention more than dark ones.



Subtraction Tests

subtraction for kids will help your child grow in maths 





Subtraction test with built in timer

maths, watch how your children do with subtraction


Parents watch your child's scores grow with there confidence

This software gives parents the chance to see how well there children are doing. The built in profile section will show your child's results for certain tests. You will also get to see the highest scorer of this software in the "Internets greatest scores" section

You can download for free

 Head over to maths whizz to get up to date information download for free. The registration is now built in to the software and you can register inside 2 minutes. You can download this software from the Windows store.



Learn about shapes and watch your child's knowledge grow


Your child can learn about all the basic shapes with this great educational software, and guess what? it's free. This educational maths software will show your child what certain shapes looks like. I.E, Pentagon, Octagon, Septagon and much more. This software has examples of how to work out the area of a triangle, square, and circle. 


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